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Welcome. Here you will find more information about the many ways we offer to order from Renfro Supply Co. and how to sign up for service.

ZiiZii Order Entry

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  • Works with everything – Use ZiiZii with an Android or Apple iOS mobile device, smart phones, or tablets, and web browsers.
  • Works without internet – ZiiZii works in offline mode, so when someone doesn’t have an internet connection they can still be productive.
  • Stay in touch – Instantly access media like recall notices, product announcements, and sales flyers at users fingertips with the Documents feature.
  • Order In Seconds – Features like bar-code scanning, templates, and order history give users the tools to quickly build and send orders.
  • Accurate Order Entry – Product images, catalog search, category view, sale items and more. Finding items quickly makes it easy for users to order.

“ZiiZii makes it easy.”

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Customer Web Portal

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  • Works with Laptop and PC web browsers:
    • Order entry, search for new and existing items by item #, UPC, or Description.
    • Create an order template or “shopping list” for easy replenishment orders.
    • See your order history and open orders, invoices, and credit memos.
    • Access to reports:  new items, price changes, price lists, velocity, brand summary, and top sellers.
    • More useful tools at your fingertips:  Download or print a customer price catalog or order book, and customize Suggested Retail Pricing shown on your invoices, etc.

“Service is our Specialty.”

Phone or Fax

  • Call (606)549-1334 or (800)467-1334
  • Fax (606)549-5852

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